Cleaning & Your Skin

March 31, 2011 | posted by Justin Skeesuck

Do you ever have to do a lot of cleaning? I certainly like to keep things clean and sanitary. All of the cleaning supplies people usually use are made with ingredients meant to break through the grime. However, if your skin comes into contact with those products, they also cause damage to your skin barrier.
How? Your skin barrier is made of layers of cells that are held together by a mix of oils – kind of like bricks and mortar. These are healthy oils that keep your skin healthy. If those oils are damaged or destroyed, then your skin barrier does not work properly. This means that many of the facial cleansers focused on getting rid of oil can also damage the skin barrier. So, in the short term they may be making the skin clean, but in the long run the aging process may actually be accelerated.
What can you do? When cleansing your face, use cleansers that don’t strip the healthy oils in the skin – like the Epionce cleansers. If you are using products to clean your house or car, use an Epionce Barrier cream, like Extreme Barrier Cream to help rebuild the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier on your hands will not only make your hands soft, but will also help prevent the visible signs of aging on your hands!