How Important is Post-Care after a Skin Rejuvenation Procedure?

February 16, 2012 | posted by Justin Skeesuck

In these current times of aging baby boomers trying to keep from looking older than they feel, there are a wide variety of aesthetic rejuvenation procedures from which to choose.

Many of the common procedures people will invest in to look younger involve skin resurfacing, such as deep chemical peels and/or laser treatments.  When the outer layers of the skin are removed, this stimulates fresh new cells to come to the skin surface, which also encourages collagen and elastin formation in the deeper dermal layers to help visibly firm, plump and smooth the skin.  As beneficial as these treatments can be, it’s important to be aware that having a treatment that removes skin layers also creates an unprotected, or compromised, skin barrier until the skin has completely healed.

When the skin barrier is in a compromised state, it becomes much more vulnerable to harmful environmental insults including bacterial microbes, pollution and sun.  As well, your skin should never feel dry and tight during the recovery process, as this could negatively affect proper healing.  So it is essential to help your skin heal as quickly as possible after treatment by applying products that help to restore barrier function, while calming and soothing sensitized skin.

Sometimes, the price of beauty can be quite costly.  Proper after-care doesn’t have to be.  Ask your skin care professional how you can protect your investment with the NEW Intense Skin Rehab System by Epionce.  It’s the ideal take-home regimen following moderate to deeper skin rejuvenation procedures, containing 2.5 oz. sizes of Enriched Firming Mask and Medical Barrier Cream, to provide a generous boost of hydration while rapidly restoring healthy barrier function.