Skin Aging Lurking Beneath the Surface

March 16, 2011 | posted by Justin Skeesuck

Did you know that up to 80% of the damage to your skin that eventually shows up as visible aging in your skin happens before you turn 18? All those summer days spent at the beach or on the boat combined with all those winter days in the tanning bed will certainly catch up to you! So, what can you do when you are older than 18 and just starting to see the damage coming up in your skin? Use the right combination of skin care products and treatment procedures that can help get rid of the damage that’s on the surface, but also the damage that is still lurking beneath the surface.
The philosophy behind Epionce is that healthy skin is truly beautiful skin. Our goal is to help the skin’s natural repair system be able to restore the health of your skin visibly but also below the surface. Epionce helps to repair the current damage while preventing future damage to provide the best long-term benefits when it comes to the visible signs of skin aging.
How do we know that Epionce can do this? Remember last week we showed pictures of a women in her mid-thirties who did not wear sunscreen and had a tremendous amount of damage deep in her skin. After 20 weeks of using Epionce products and treatments, here are the results. She still has a long way to go because she had so much damage, but you can easily see the tremendous improvements.